North Mountain Gallery was founded in 2010 in Cody, Wyo. With a rich tradition of fine furniture design, the Big Horn Basin is host to a colony of custom builders. With no space in Cody to showcase local functional artists, Doug Nordberg founded the gallery. Nordberg is the Norwegian translation for "North Mountain".

Doug Nordberg spent his childhood combing the mountains of Wyoming looking for shed antlers. After moving to Oregon, then Alaska, Doug moved back to Cody in 1993. Along with his brother Ron, he began to create artistic antler pieces. After working with Mike Patrick of New West Furniture, as a contractor, the brothers began meeting some of the other furniture designers in Cody. 

​The quality of the work represented at North Mountain Gallery, has been directly influenced by the craft of Thomas Molesworth. Many of the Cody builders make replicas of his furniture to this day, and his concepts can be seen in the majority of the pieces in the gallery. Molesworth founded the Shoshone Furniture Company in 1931 and in the height of the Great Depression, and found success in providing high quality furniture. North Mountain Gallery artists use that same approach in their pieces to keep the tradition of Thomas Molesworth alive and well 75 years later.

North Mountain Gallery also offers the best selection of historic, western art available. Some of the artists on exhibit are, Ed Borein, O.C. Seltzer, Nick Eggenhofer, and Donald Teague, as well as other masters. 

We are here to assist you, and please feel free to contact us, or stop in and see us on your way to Yellowstone.


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